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You can use this form for reporting of content that may be illegal or otherwise violates the Standards, we would check with priority your complain and we would be able to ask for proff about your complain, like images, screeshot or more information.We are doing our best so you will enjoy the content provided. If, in any case, you have a complaint, please let us know. All complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days and you would be keep notified via email about the decision we take.

Please complete the form below should you be the victim of, or come across content that you have personal knowledge of as constituting:

*Non-consensual production and/or distribution of your image (including but not limited to such things as: revenge porn, blackmail, exploitation)
*Content that reveals personally identifiable information (including but not limited to such things as: name, address, phone number, IP address)
*Otherwise abusive and/or illegal content


    TYPE OF INQUIRYContent Complaint


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    What happens next?

    After you have submitted your complaint, you will receive an acknowledge receipt of your complaint.
    Within seven business days, our compliance team will thoroughly investigate your complaint and resolve the issue that is the subject of your complaint. You will receive a notification outlining the results of our investigation and the actions taken.
    • In the event there is evidence of illegal content, we will remove that content immediately. Confidentiality Your privacy and security are important to us.
    All complaints are handled confidentially, and your information will only be used to address the complaint. We are dedicated to providing a safe and compliant environment. Thank you for helping us maintain our standards by reporting any concerns.